1 sept. 2010

A Black May - Pure Noise

Re-edición de un disco de 2008, esta vez del duo A Black May, integrado por el compositor mexicano Inroads Volva y Mr. Kathatonia.

A Black May son un proyecto de música electrónica de cloaca, en espíritu, similares a lo que resultaría del violento encuentro entre los neoyorkinos Suicide y Throbbing Gristle, sin dejar atrás su fijación por otra clase de sonidos duros como el black metal y las barreras de sonido físico a la Merzbow.

Pure Noise es un trabajo redondo con estructuras rítmicas ruidosas, hechas con computadoras, y violentos chirridos maquinales, atmósferas distorsionadas que bien podrían hayar su lugar en una fábrica de acero

Pero no dejare que se dejen llevar por lo que yo les diga, mejor dejemos que estos colaboradores del Mosqquito Records Sampler describan a "Pure Noise".

"Warped Timeless, Trance Dance and Live 2008 were not included on the original release, they were added this time.

A recording that was never destined to be, created in one day in cold december, boredom was the reason, and it was never intended to be released, it was one of those recodings late at night with coffee and beers aside, more a battle of machines than a musical jam, discredited by some blind idiots for being too mechanical, yes, it was mechanical fury at its best, that was the intention, nothing less.

A mere casualty brought these ecording to me once again this year, I was blown away by its timeless sound, it was a big inspiration for me to start making music again in a a heavy and intense mood, after all at that time we havent heard of artists like Pan Sonic, until years later, Im a fan of them, and Im amazed of how close some of this recordings are to the sound of those guys form Finland! Im proud of it more than ever!

I didnt want it to just re release the songs just the same as two years ago, so I added a new cover, and added a couple of "lost" recordings from that time, they didnt seemed to fit in the mechanical madness, but they were part of the robotic beast, also there is a track included that was performed and recorde live in a friend backyard, a simple live drum loop and a couple of noises, it was just fun, enjoy it!" - Inroads Volva

Y si!! incluye un par de Bonus Tracks para deleite de todos nosotros!!!

Get Deaf!

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