25 nov. 2010

The Negadrone - Bad Dromance

"Another powerful slab from Monterey, México finest bunch of noise makers! this times we prefered to put saturation aside, the recodings breath better in open space, not as speed freak as the last time, but more dense and haunting, Harry Pussy after snorting some very bad PCP? perhaps, check out the Lou Reed homage on the title of (Lou) You Just Keep Me Hanging On, originally titled Lou Just Keep Me Hanging On.

Originally intended to be more dynamic than our first recording, this time the music goes from beat oriented, to painful ecstatic, we feel this is the most satisfying group of songs we have recorded."

Segunda entrega en estudio de este excelente banda nacional, musica asfixiante, industrial y ruidosa con ritmos fracturados que se vuelven adiccion...

Get Deaf!

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