28 oct. 2010

Inroads Volva - The Dark Tribes

Dejaré que el compositor e intérprete mejor desconocido como Inroads Volva describa su propia obra...

The definitive follow up to 2008´s Cracked, The Dark Tribes is an intense mix of Inroads Volva obsession with Minimalism, Noise, Jazz, Ambient, Black Metal Trip Hop, and Electronica, if you think these genres are so disparate just give a listen to any of the tracks!

"After Cracked in 2008 I made some stupid mistakes, I got involved with so many proyects and forgot about my own music, my own pursuit for sound, when people listened to the unfinished tracks of Cracked I received some rave reviews about it, but after it was released few feedback came from it, I never tried to go farther at the time, I just kept other things going, and forgot about my own sound, things got in the way, I got more and more involved in other things, other peoples mudic and I somehow felt out of place, I tried to forget about being a musician, which I am not, and concentrated in being a composer, two years later I decided to give it a try again, these time the sound has evolved, Cracked seemed so enveloped in minimalism, while The Dark Tribes sounds so masive! It started as a sound proyect very influenced by Noise, Minimalism and Black Metal, but some dark influences started to crawl from within, the sound of Jazz and Trip Hop emerged suddenly and I was happy about it." - IV

Un disco ecléctico, lleno de fusiones poco usuales que llegan a borde de crear nuevos géneros desconocidos, no detecto una dirección en especial, solo una ferviente necesidad de expresión musical y una bien lograda obra redonda creada por un injustamente, poco conocido artista verdaderamente independiente...

Get Deaf!

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